• Recording/Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • MIDI Programming
  • Session performances for Drums/Guitar/Keyboard/String Arrangement/Vocals (Glenn to perform on project)
  • Live Sound
  • Remote audio production (podcasts, radio shows, interviews, jingles, commercial editing)
  • Audio Restoration, Noise Reduction, Forensic Audio


  • Amp modeling/profiling (consulting/tutoring on AxeFx, Kemper, Eleven Rack)
  • Home Studio Consultation (advise on purchases, install, set up, basic acoustic treatment) 
  • Songwriting Consultation (advise on arrangement, song structure, lyrics, melody, song critiques)

Phone: 206.890.4554
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Please be sure to submit the details of your project, timeline, budget and any social media pages related to your music. We look forward to seeing what we can do for you!