Clients, Musicians, Bands, Producers, and Radio Personalities Glenn has worked with: 


Graduate, Recording Program at The Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA. 

Local Sacramento 

Hip Entertainment (Live Sound) 
Hip Service (Sub Guitar) 
Big Crush (Guitar) 
Apple Z (Guitar) 
Super Huey (Live Sound) 
Popular Demand (Live Sound) 
Mr. Wonderful (Live Sound) 
Parrotheads (Live Sound) 
Roswell-Sacramento (Engineer) 


Michael James- Engineer/Producer (The New Radicals, Hole, L7) 
Michael Van Blum- Engineer/Producer- (Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Peter Cetera, Julian Lennon) 
Evan Frankfort- (Sugarcult, Pete Yorn, Liz Phair) 
Jeffery Woodruff- Engineer/Producer- (Rod Stewart, Burt Bacharach, Steve Tryell) 
Will Smith- Nashville Producer (Talyor Hicks and several others) 
Tyler Music Group Nashville 
Eric Colvin- Film Composer/Producer/Artist 
Gary Shelton- Producer/ Session Bassist 
Ralph Navarro- Producer/Artist/Songwriter 
Joe Casey-Producer/Film Director (Soundtrack Composition) 
Zoran Todorovic-Producer/Engineer (Sonic Farm Studios) 
Brad Adams-Producer/Radio Personality (93 Rock, KWOD 106FM) 
Dave Whiteside-Producer (P5 Audio) 


Mike Landau-Legendary studio guitarist 
Jimmy D'anda- Drummer (Bullet Boys, Terry Thomas, George Lynch) 
Frank Hannon- Guitarist (Tesla) 
Chris O'Brien- Drummer (The Lift, David Tyson) 
Wayne Lothian- Bassist (English Beat, Dave Wakeling) 
Sven Learsch- Studio Drummer 
Gregg Paijer- Session Guitar Player (Los Angeles) 
Christopher Allis- Session Drummer (Los Angeles)

Radio/TV Personalities 

Carson Daly- Producer/Engineer 
Adam Corrolla-Producer/Engineer 
Ryan Seacrest- Audio Editor 
Peter Tilden- Producer/Engineer 
Casey Kasem- Engineer/Audio Editor 
Christopher Lowell- Audio Editor/Producer 
Delilah Rene-Audio Editor/Producer 


Rehya Stevens- LA Singer/Songwriter (Scott Baio TV theme) 
Kristin Chambers- Indie Seattle Singer/Songwriter 
Samantha Newark- Jem TV Series- LA Singer/Songwriter 
Lindsey Lawler- LA Singer/Songwriter 
Ronna Jones- LA Singer/Songwriter 
Randi McBride- Songwriter- Zykia Hooker- San Francisco 
London 77- LA band 
Oliver Pigott- Canadian Idol Finalist and BMG Artist 
London Jones- Warner Bros R&B artist/Songwriter (Jessica Simpson) 
Marshall Jones- Songwriter/Warner Publishing 
Benni James-Seattle (Engineer) 

Voice Over/Interview Sessions 

Lenny Kravtiz- Interview/Acoustic Performance (Engineer) 
Lifehouse- Interview/Acoustic Performance (Engineer) 
James Blunt- Interview/Acoustic Performance (Engineer) 
Natasha Bettingfield- Interview/Acoustic Performance (Engineer) 
Kelly Clarkson- Voiceover guest DJ Session (Engineer) 
Dave Mustaine (Megadeath)-Radio Interviews (Engineer) 
Alicia Keyes-Radio Interview (Engineer) 
Avril Levine-Radio Interview (Engineer) 
Brad Paisley-Radio Interview (Engineer) 
Vince Gill-Radio Interview (Engineer) 

Radio Ads (Production/Editing) 

Home Depot 
Twinings Tea 
OnStar Navigation 

Loop Libraries 

Raging guitar and bass loops (for P5 Audio) 


Runner-up: international Songwriter awards (Singer/Songwriter Category)